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I think the question is; Does the bladder hold loyalty to anyone?

Yes, we are back at that again, Joe Budden, Offset and Cardi. What's really happening? Joe Budden got a response from Offset after the media personality talked about Cardi's legal issues on state of the culture.Offset's narrative's were he chased "you know who" out of the barnes for his troubles.

Addressing the situation with his co-hosts Rory and Mal on The Joe Budden Podcast,it kicked off with Mal pondering on what Offset was buying at the bookstore and Rory saying he was taking advantage of the Union Square Barnes and Noble bathroom. Really, we know mysteries like this never get solved but Budden did have a lot to say.

Joe speaking about Cardi had this to say; " We certainly don't want to beef over your wife, that I love". He talked about how amazing and great she is, not wanting to lose her to the 5-0 and jail. Saying Cardi plays a big part in why New York's a rocking place right now.

Rory blatantly disagreed with Budden for using a bladder to cop out when he said; "I don't know why I still think I'm the guy that can hold a piss." Budden was having non of that, so went on to explain how Barney's geography was not entirely favorable to the full bladdered. Adding it was his luck that Offset happened to be blouse shopping on the side, looking at me running around."

It all comes down to one conclusion, that's the answer to my first question. The bladder holds no loyalty.

For the full story, check out The Joe Budden Podcast below.

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