Drake: "3 down, 4 to go," (Thanos-Esque Quest)

Saying this in an Andy Townsend FIFA game voice, "The man is a perfectionist, completion-ist." In fact he is everything a complete rapper should be. Having previously taken up the mission to record a song in every documented dialect, he's recently crossed off "Spanish" off the checklist.

Like James Bond or Ethan Hunt or Thanos on a mission, he sets his sights on another cause, i.e collecting the seven "buss downs."

"3 down, 4 to go," hitting up Instagram to provide his fans with the progress report like any agent on a mission showing off his diamond studded watch.

His clearly fed up with his tour mates, the Migos, flaunting their collections on nightly basis. He's clearly up to stake his claim, given the world of hip-hops admiration for iced out wrists.

Whispers are floating around that none other than Pusha T has possession of the final watch. You just have to wonder a man on a mission like Drake, can anyone really stand in his way?

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