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A friend lately allow me in on a fashion secret he’d been maintaining. After multiple beverages (for courage, of course), he leaned in and whispered, “Dami, when I buy groceries, I simply walk into the store, test out the mannequins in the window…and buy anything they’re carrying.”

Sheepishly, he decreased his eyes and asked, “Is that cheating?”

Well, sure and no. Yes, this route of action takes the skill (and I might say, a laugh) out of selecting garments for your dresser. But there is an argument to be made for slicing the guesswork out of stocking your closet. In truth, my friend’s strategy may additionally just be retaining him a sane and healthful client.


In The Paradox of Choice (a ebook that explains literally everything approximately why we're the manner we're…critically, go study it), Barry Schwartz argues that casting off options in consumer behavior can significantly reduce anxiety. Most human beings are one of two “sorts:” maximizers or satisficers.

Maximizers do not forget every opportunity earlier than making a preference. Meaning, they could find a plaid flannel shirt that meets their criteria (fee, color, match) inside the first shop they appearance, however they’ll still stop into every other shop on the mall to make sure there’s no longer a good greater ideal plaid flannel out there.

Satisficers, however, make choices aiming for a excellent or ok end result, instead of the surest answer. Meaning, they’ll purchase that first flannel blouse as lengthy as it meets their standards (which can be commonly similar to the ones of the maximizer), with out traumatic that there may be a higher shirt nevertheless out there.

Schwartz argues in favor of a satisficer mindset, as maximizers have a tendency to:

  1. spend greater time buying with the equal outcomes, and
  2. feel less assured approximately their purchases.

Maximizers wind up with a wonderfully precise shirt, but continuously worry approximately the one that may have were given away. Satisficers wind up with a wonderfully correct shirt, love it greater, and worked to locate it a whole lot much less.

So Schwartz could maximum possibly verify my friend’s “keep the model” approach. He receives an outfit he feels confident in, and he doesn’t spend all day on the mall.

When I labored at Abercrombie & Fitch 1,000,000 years in the past, we might receive big binders two times a month from corporate headquarters on the way to fashion the store set-up – from the mannequin forms to the precise angles of each t-shirt stack on a table. It took me a month simply to grasp all the methods to fold a couple of denims.

And the mannequin bureaucracy? Forget it. That became a manager’s task. With countless details to get simply right, A&F HQ couldn’t manage to pay for to depart that project to everyone however a educated professional. Knowing that each detail of a retail shop’s look has been idea out by way of fashion specialists, approach in case you comply with a store’s lead, you will appearance desirable.

One is that the garments at the mannequins are almost really full fee. From Gap to Gucci, window displays are cautiously selected to show off the emblem’s state-of-the-art and best offerings. Though, Schwartz might argue (and I’m inclined to agree) that if paying full fee beats annoying approximately in case you’ve pulled collectively an appropriate lewk, then it’s worth the more cost.

The other problem is that when you save exclusively head-to-toe appears, you land up looking like…well, the model in the shop window.

It doesn’t display lots of a sense of private style if you put on one brand head-to-toe. If something, men regularly look much less in a position, stylistically talking, when they dress solely from one keep, or wear the same outfit time and again with out getting innovative and mixing in extraordinary pieces from extraordinary brands.

Not that there’s anything incorrect with an help. You’re analyzing this now because you recognize that having a few help in the style department serves as both a time-saver and a reassurance that you’re taking walks out of the house searching right.

Of course, I do desire you subsequently take off the training wheels as you discover ways to trust your style instincts more. But for now, do what feels proper for you. Even if that means taking walks up to a income partner together with your head held excessive, pointing at the mannequin and announcing, “I’ll have what he’s having.”

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