May 20, 2018

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend MIGHT End Up with Another Man

Boys! If you got a girlfriend, don’t screw it up and push her into the hands of another guy. Not on my watch, today I’m going to be showing you 5 could be doing that could breaking you two lovebirds apart.

April 15, 2018

Review : The Best Mascara

Mascara is the one, magical product that can make an appearance on both a no-makeup day and a night out. The best mascara adds volume and length to individual lashes, creating a plump but natural look. Our favorite of all, Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara, easily delivers the kind of super defined, yet super dramatic lashes that other mascaras make you work for. The first few swipes with the ingenious brush gives a softly coated, very natural look. A second dip of the wand in the tube, another five or six passes, and lashes start growing in all directions.

If you are dedicated to length over thickness, we recommend Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes. We found the name misleading: This mascara creates lovely, romantic length that’s a little softer and more natural looking than the volume offered by our other top picks. Love a dramatic, voluminous look? In that case, try Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara. You can stop after a single coat for a softer look, but this bold mascara layers beautiful and is the best option for those who love the look of falsies.

Without further ado, let's get down to business. My friends at have prepared a list of their best Mascara's on the bases of volume, length, maybe a little of both. We wanted coverage that would last a full day. There were 17, now they are six:

April 13, 2018



Let us say you have a tee and you wish to make it a bit more interesting. It is simple! All you've got to do is roll up the sleeves a bit and just like that that basic tee've turned into a muscle tee shirt that shows off your gains and matches. On the flip side, let us saying your wearing a flannel or a dress shirt, unbutton a couple buttons (2 or 3 buttons at most) and roll up your sleeves.

April 05, 2018

Dress Like A Millionaire Even If You Are Broke

I get it…the struggle is true. We all need to look greater high-priced. But in reality, most of us are broke! But you know what? That’s absolutely excellent, because these days I’m going to expose you the way to dress like a millionaire without the absurd fee-tag that incorporates it.

Matching Your Sneakers to Your Outfits

Sneakers have such a lot of extraordinary designs and coloration-ways that it’s quite tough to mix and suit a selection of clothes. Today, I’m going to make that clean for you, so matching your footwear for your outfit wouldn't be a hassle.

April 04, 2018

Grey Jeans Is What Women Want to See You Wearing

If you don’t wear a lot gray, denim is a top notch manner to get into this impartial hue. It pairs well with any colour and appears simply as good unwashed because it does distressed (and let’s be honest, most of the jeans in our closet are unwashed and bordering on distressed).

While you can put on grey denim anytime, I like incorporating it in fall whilst there’s so many splendid autumnal sunglasses (ugh, did I just write that?) that appearance fantastic topping it off – orange (like this sweater!), forest inexperienced, military, burgundy, and yes, black and white too.

Honestly, you’ll be hard pressed to find an outfit gray jeans don’t work with. So get obtainable and get gray.

March 16, 2018

Sponsored Content: Watch IrokoTv for A Year for just #2000

Are you a fan of Nollywood movies or a a follower of Zeeworld Series? But you lack time to sit and watch TV set.

I have the solution, did you know with Irokotv app you can watch any of your favorite Nollywood and Bollywood movies on your android phones/Smart phones and laptops, with as low as #2000 for  a year (i.e 365 days)..

March 13, 2018

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

As a host, your number one intention is to make your guests feel at home and leave wishing they might stay longer. Here are some hosting etiquette guidelines to help you stay on track and ensure that people go away talking about their visit for all of the right reasons.

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

There are special policies for while you’re in someone else’s domestic. So earlier than you pass barging in there together with your half bottle of grocery store wine, traipsing dust and dust onto the hallway carpet, take a minute to get familiar with the manners that maketh the guest, or anticipate never to go back.

Grooming Vitals for College Guys

I even have fond recollections of freshman year one in college, toting my little shower caddy to the communal toilet on my dorm ground. I lived in an all-men’ building, and I often questioned what it ought to appear like on the guys’ flooring of other dorms on campus. Did they use the same plastic caddies, or did they just swing a cleaning soap-on-a-rope over their shoulder and desire to find a washcloth striking on the shower stall once they were given there?

Guys, Think Before You Ink

There comes a time in every man’s existence while he thinks, “Hey, need to I get a tattoo?”

Unless you’re adhering to the Jewish religion’s prohibition within the Torah of inking one’s frame, or scared of needles, most men (and masses of women, too!) remember it at one factor or any other.

How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Chilly Weather

Today we pass south, to the rest of the frame.

Good grooming starts from the interior out. No moisturizer you can purchase at CVS is going to offer better pores and skin advantages than simply ingesting a sh*t ton of water, and no face mask goes to stability your pores and skin tone faster than a eating regimen crammed from morning to night time with hundreds of culmination and vegetables.

Though it can be hard to discover all of your favorites in season, I in my view drink a ton of spinach smoothies (fastest recipe ever: two handfuls of spinach, a banana, a mango, and sufficient coconut water to make sense—I swear: It’s delicious). Smear avocado on toast for breakfast or as a snack. Pulverize squash into soup. What I’m announcing is, you've got alternatives.

Another manner to get greater water into that warm bod of yours each day is to…wait for it….Drink extra water. But consuming water may be su-u-u-u-pes boring, I realize. So make it experience like less of a chore with dietary supplements that upload fizz, or culmination that infuse taste.

Mens' Wardrobe Vitals: Grey Wool Dress Pants

If you had been concerned I’d start this trendy non-denim cloth wardrobe crucial manual with a tale about the time my mother took me shopping for my first training bra, don’t worry, I received’t. Though you can argue that wool get dressed pants are actually the “training bra” of a person’s formal wardrobe, taking you from casual denim and for your way in the direction of a complete fit…however I’M NOT GOING TO MAKE THAT ARGUMENT. NOPE.

How To Fake a Vintage T-Shirt

A reader these days asked what to do with his developing series of remarkable-but-unwearable live performance tees:

“I love collecting old concert tour t-shirts from eBay and have a million great ones but they’re all really stiff. Is there anything I can do to make them look cooler and more vintage-y in my bathtub, or a bucket or something? Using relatively cheap supplies to do it? Thanks!”

First of all, what a great obsession to have! I mean, if you’re going to horde anything, it might as well be sweet vintage tees. Way better than those creepy dolls that look like Jackie O or Princess Di like my old neighbor had all over her house. Or, liiike, keeping all your fingernail clippings in jars in your basement.

There’s virtually a quite simple method to speed the growing old system in your t-shirts that doesn't contain your tub OR a bucket. And I am in no way a “cunning” character, so I promise it’s clean.

What Really Is Your Style Strategy?

A friend lately allow me in on a fashion secret he’d been maintaining. After multiple beverages (for courage, of course), he leaned in and whispered, “Dami, when I buy groceries, I simply walk into the store, test out the mannequins in the window…and buy anything they’re carrying.”

Sheepishly, he decreased his eyes and asked, “Is that cheating?”

Well, sure and no. Yes, this route of action takes the skill (and I might say, a laugh) out of selecting garments for your dresser. But there is an argument to be made for slicing the guesswork out of stocking your closet. In truth, my friend’s strategy may additionally just be retaining him a sane and healthful client.

Drop Fade Haircuts - What They Are, And Why You Need One, Please

It appears like any other term dreamt up by way of a harebrained advertising crew but drop fade haircuts are a legitimate and more and more popular fashion for men. They paintings with all hair sorts, integrate with masses of other patterns and it’s the form of unique, dramatic finish that makes your appearance now not just styled, however tailored.

The Best Men's HairStyle 2018

Right here are few approaches to expose the arena you care about your look as smooth as getting your hair so as. After all, it’s just a remember of selecting a fashion and checking in for a chop, proper?

True, however it stays right down to you to nail the all-critical first steps if you are to be left with locks that stand you head and shoulders above the rest. For this purpose (and plenty of more) it’s well worth exploring all the alternatives to be had.

Fond as we are of the current flow in the direction of longer, shaggy styles (suppose early nineties Kurt Cobain), a sharper-than-sharp short cut is the right time-saving device while getting prepared within the morning.

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

It’s easy to forget that interactions on social media are likely the maximum visible and public interactions we have. Maybe you’re attempting to slide into someone’s DMs. Perhaps you just need to join the #conversation. Whatever. Brush up your online etiquette bellow using the advice below and avoid making a twit of yourself on Twitter, or a dick anywhere else.

March 11, 2018

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

For a newcomer, the health club may be a complicated location. What does this medieval-searching contraption do? Is it socially desirable to take my boxers off within the changing room? Why is that massive guy with the spider web tattoo on his chin grunting like that? The solutions to most of the people of those varieties of questions can be determined proper here. Stick to these gym etiquette hints, and you’ll combo right in. Well, perhaps no longer with the spider tattoo man.

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

Tom Ford once said that “dressing well is a shape of true manners”. And while that can sound like a load of codswallop, there are some hyperlinks to be made between suitable etiquette and proper dressing. So, earlier than you rock up on your next black tie non-obligatory soiree in a hoodie and 2 joggers, take some time to reacquaint yourself with the regulations.

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

‘Manners’ and ‘associates’ aren't  words that usually pass together. But while it can be cool to snicker at each different and inform mum jokes in every other’s organization, there are nonetheless some stuff you should undergo in mind when it comes to the way you treat even your nearest and dearest buddies.

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

If you’re no stranger to listening to terms like “I can’t take you anywhere”, or are liable for nearly all your friendship institution’s collective eye rolls, you would possibly want to loaf around this phase for a minute. These are the need-to-know pointers for making it via a night time out, or maybe just a journey to the stores, with out displaying your self (or anybody else) up.

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

You may not like it, but the grim truth is that you possibly spend more time together with your co-people than you do some other man or woman on your existence. With that in thoughts, it’s probably first-rate to do everything to your electricity to make certain that they don’t want to dropkick you thru a cubicle wall every time they see your face. These simple codes of conduct need to assist maintain the passive-competitive Post-It notes to a minimum.

Etiquette For Different Settings & Situations

Unsurprisingly, the way you behave when wining and dining a capacity love interest is going to be a piece distinctive from how you conduct yourself when gambling video video games together with your buddies – we are hoping. In light of that, here are a few key social settings and a handful of protocol hints to help you be the excellent you in every one.

The History Of Etiquette

Chatting about etiquette seems a quaint, old-fashioned concept, like courtship, landline telephones and Myspace. It’s a stuffy old phrase that evokes photos of sour-faced aristocrats sneering down their bespectacled noses at people for holding fish knives incorrectly, or something similarly arbitrary and ridiculous.

Unless you’re a researcher for a BBC length drama or a butler for the Queen – and we’re willing to risk a bet which you’re neither – these kinds of fusty, Victorian-era guidelines have little place in nowadays’s society. However, in a broader feel, etiquette continues to be remarkably relevant. Because, properly, we should all purpose not to be a douchebag on a every day basis.

Consider this comprehensive manual your virtual finishing school, supporting to equip you with all of the vital understanding and modern manners required to go out into the massive huge global with out creating a whole and utter prat of yourself.

Having A Moment: The Shawl Necs

Call it a brand new twist on a timeless fashion. Once simplest visible on tuxedos at black tie activities or chunky Ivy League cardigans, the non-stop curve of the shawl collar has damaged free from the classics. These days, it's been stoning up on the whole thing from sweatshirts and vests to unstructured double-breasted blazers. A precise completion to any piece of garb, a shawl collar will make you stand out with its distinctiveness even as maintaining those quietly elegant roots. Not to say, the extra improve of the rolled cloth around the neck offers a practical guard from the wintery elements, even as final mild enough to wear into the spring.

Don't Be A Sucker

The phrase seersucker may carry visions of KFC's Colonel or muggy Louisiana summers, but it's now not all pastel blue and white stripes anymore. With the conventional heat-weather fabric seeing a resurgence in darker shades and more informal cuts, you don't want to look like an old-fashioned Senator to escape the heat.

Sartorially, the material started as the selection for people who made their living via operating exterior inside the lifeless warmness. Eventually, with the assist of some names like Haspel, the material was cut into extra formal shapes like trousers and suiting. Seersucker unfold for the duration of the warmest regions of the United States, and (because air conditioning wasn't always a issue) quick unfold during the u . S . A . As a method to coping with dressing from early-May to mid-September. Of direction, these days, the fabric has more of an old-fashioned recognition.

7 Things Women Want to See Men Wearing

Newsflash, men: Women talk approximately you whilst you’re not round. A lot. Like, constantly failing the Bechdel Test at brunch-lots. And whilst I’m now not saying your style is the primary element that comes up in communication, what you wear does wind its way into the communique finally. So I’m here to be your eyes and ears at the floor to assist you to recognize the garments ladies love to look you carrying.



We’ve pointed out grey jeans once already q4, but it bears repeating. This is a color well worth incorporating into your denim wardrobe. It’s like a life hack: You appearance dressed up! But you’re nevertheless in jeans! Total win-win.

My Guide On How To Meet Girls At Bars

Okay fellas, permit me to talk about a way to meet women at bars. All aboard the war bus, amirite?!

Look, I recognize that (while you’re now not Ryan Gosling) it is able to be tough to satisfy girls out in the wild. Even if you are some cutting-edge-day Adonis, it’s nevertheless no stroll within the park. Maybe you’re shy, or you don’t need to be shot down for being no longer a woman’s “type.” But you have got some thing to provide, and – if you may find the right attitude – you could make it work.

In college, the bars are the watering hole where pretty tons EVERYONE is going to have a laugh, loosen up, and stay up the first-class years in their lives. Today, so many human beings lodge to apps, but I’m nonetheless a believer in meeting human beings IRL. You know, socializing.

Lots of my closest friends met their cutting-edge significant others at bars, and so I’ll always be a proponent of a very good old style meet-lovely. But how do you A) find a woman this is as stylish and engaging as you're, and B) interested by you?

My Secrets Of A Perfect Proposal

A weeklong series dedicated to everything guys need to know about getting engaged, from picking the perfect ring to planning the perfect proposal.

“Will you marry me?” These four little words are some of the most important ones you’ll ever say. They’re right up there with those other two tiny-yet-monumental words, “I do.”

this doesn't look like a proposal, but trust us, it is (and it's sooo romantic)

this doesn't look like a proposal, but trust us, it is (and it’s sooo romantic)

That’s right—your preferred always unmarried OS editor is here these days to speak approximately popping the query! While I don’t have a critical beau in my existence for the time being, I’m still a lady. As such, I even have sincerely estimated the right concept (and the suitable ring) with a rotating roster of Mr. Right’s for the duration of my life.

So if you’re in a glad, sexy, fulfilling, inspiring dating that looks like it is probably “it,” there’s a 278% risk the woman you’re in it with has listened to you talk approximately – oh, I don’t recognize – how you want waffles for breakfast, at the same time as imagining what it'd be like in case you asked her to have waffles with you each day for the relaxation of your lives.

How To End A Relationship (or Fling) Like A Guy

Recently, a pal of mine was speakme to me approximately a woman he turned into seeing and how he became making plans to give up the connection. He’d taken her on 4 dates, however he wasn’t that into her anymore, for an expansion of reasons I won’t bore you with. Bottom line, it wasn’t going to exercise session. Sound familiar? Read on.

Actually, it’s better than not doing anything

I requested him how he turned into going to end it. “Well,” he stated “I probably just received’t name her anymore.” I become horrified. Horrified. Did I point out I changed into HORRIFIED? He became higher than this. You all are.

The Grooming Guide For Guy's In Their 50s

At this stage, haven’t you earned the rigth to drag on your sweatpants, purchase a few outsized sunglasses, and go full Marlon Brando? Sure you have got. But if you want to make the maximum of your golden years, aim for Clooney, no longer Brando. Here’s the way to appearance true to your 50s and beyond.

The Grooming Guide For Guy's In Their 40s

The top news first. Guys nowadays have get rid of maximum Mad Men-style vices that could age someone in advance. Except for bourbon. Always say sure to bourbon. If you’ve been workout, eating proper, and sure, looking after your pores and skin, your forties should be pretty smooth crusing on your face and body. To keep it that way, observe the hints beneath.

The Grooming Guide For Guy's In Their 30s

In your thirties, all of the understanding you've received inside the past decade and put it to suitable use. These are the years you’ll be running toughest and making a number of your maximum crucial existence choices. It’s no accident that is the time guys usually start displaying their age, too.

The Grooming Guide For Guy's In Their 20s

Congrats — you’ve made it out of university and are equipped to strike out within the actual global! Land the task, discover the bachelor pad, get the woman. But earlier than you exit and carpe the diem, there may be a few lingering teenage habits inside the health and hygiene department preserving you back.

Style Check-Ins: Do you Cuff Your Chinos?

There are plenty of ways to expose off your personal precise sense of private style with regards to your outfit. Those little tweaks that set you aside and make you stand out (in a very good manner!) out of your fellow college students or place of work friends. Maybe you layer a cardigan into a ideal look, upload a bracelet subsequent to an eye to your wrist, or reach for a vivid coloration or pattern in which others would choose a neutral or solid.

Men's Wardrobe Essential: 5-Pocket Twill Pants

I love a five-pocket twill pant. Much like chinos, they get dressed up an outfit without changing tons of some thing else. And the kicker is that they’re (usually) cut the same as denims, so in case you close your eyes, you would not even know you’re sporting them.

And much like with chinos, you get greater fashion points wearing 5-pocket pants than you do wearing jeans.

How to Wear Athleisure in Cold Weather

Athleisure. Started as a trend, now we right here.

The fashion motion in which apparel designed for workouts is worn far from the health club has so completely taken over our wardrobes that a better query might be: when aren’t we carrying athleisure?

That doesn’t mean we’re complaining. With groups new and antique filling the call for for clothes that look as properly at some stage in burpees as whilst you stomach as much as the bar, we’re tucked cozily inside an athleisure bubble that’s now not popping whenever quickly. And especially inside the chillier months, whatever you may do to stay heat and elegant is welcome.

Tips On How to: Clean Out Your Closet

It’s been said that a prepared space is the outward expression of an organized thoughts. I agree, and agree with that trendy extends to our closets. That’s why these days, I’m discussing the significance of a terrific old school cloth cabinet purge.

As we close out No Jeans January, this is also an appropriate time to reevaluate all the ones “standby” clothes that you may now recognize you’ve been falling again on, but are ultimately maintaining you back from your top non-public fashion in 2018. And of route, once you’ve made a few room for your wardrobe, you're making room for (a few) new portions that’ll make you appearance and experience like a million dollars.

Look; Style tips for Shorter Guys

Please I ask for your permission cause my English is not too good at all.

Here’s a secret about purchasing: everybody thinks they alone have a peculiar-fashioned body that makes buying off the rack definitely impossible.

So take some comfort understanding you've were given organization, something your style woes. Whether you have soccer player thighs, a exceptional-thin neck, more inches round your waist, or find yourself taller or shorter than common, there’s some thing approximately you that makes buying off the rack sense especially painful.

Take, for example, men who aren't so tall. A complete third of the male population stands 5’8” or beneath (that’s 30 million men in the U.S. By myself!), however the majority of garments accessible are designed with a taller guy in mind. As Brock over on The Modest Man notes, “Every short guy has felt underserved and omitted through main shops at some point in his existence.” Not cool!

So these days, with our buddies at Peter Manning NYC, a store developing classic garments for not-so-tall men, we’re sharing style recommendation for shorter guys.

March 06, 2018

Test Your Intelligence – Short 3 Question IQ Test

One of the crucial primary traits of a gentleman is to suppose rationally, to consider earlier than answering a query and to grasp easy methods to work together with his intuition. Today i'll reward you an IQ test that could be very brief and consists of only three questions, and it's going to offer you an answer as to whether you are in a position to rationale rationally.

This experiment was once made by way of psychologist Shane Frederick in 2005 for The Journal of financial views.

Gentlemen, think before answering. However keep in mind that regularly over-thinking can distract you from the reply.

1. Stick and ball
The stick and the ball together cost $1.10. The stick costs 1 dollar more than the ball. How much does a ball cost?

2. Devices for creating widgets
5 devices produce 5 widgets in 5 minutes, how long does it take for 100 devices to produce 100 widgets?

3. Holes and a lake
There are holes in the lake. Every day, the holes in the lake are duplicated. The holes require 48 days to cover the entire surface of the lake. How many days do the holes require to cover half the surface of the lake?

7 Predominant Knowledge Every Man Must Comprehend Before He Reaches 30 Years Of Age

The gents are residing their technology once more. And as a gentleman’s web page, i am consistently publishing content material involving how a gentleman should seem and the right way to behave and which main competencies are wanted for a person to come to be a gentleman.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of mandatory capabilities that each and every gentleman ought to be trained by the point he makes 30 years of age.

Here is a list of seven predominant talents each man must recognize before he reaches 30 years of age:

1. Understanding tips on how to costume for the party
2. Treating each person equally
three. Taking good care of your body and going to the gym
four. Studying as usually as possible
5. At all times watching to be charming and well-mannered
6. Studying learn how to choose the correct wine relying on the social gathering
7. Figuring out when and the place to journey more most commonly


You're loved by way of your skin, you like your skin and you're first-rate pal, with that stated we all know we continuously have to control our great neighbors right,so considering that it shields us from tons of components we need to preserve our dermis. What precisely does one do whilst you abruptly detect zits elevating its head that is pesky? Can you purchase damaging scrubs and compounds ? No you additionally do and seeing that that would certainly harm your skin that is wanted by means of n’t.

Here are a number of home relief which you need to are attempting with a view to aid you minimize and dispose of any pesky pimples raising its ugly head.

Video And Hints On How One Can Rock The Stunning Bantu Knots Hair Type (snap shots)

Ever wanted to check out the Bantu knots? And however before you say anything, recognize that the bantu knots is a stunning manner of styling your hair, and its saves time. The bantu knots is formed when your hair is twisted round itself unless it forms a knot that resembles a stack of tires.

Beneath are some suggestions for perfecting the bantu knots hair kind

Trendy Corporate Styles So On Point For the Week

Our work existence and out of labor life under no circumstances ever reaches the harmonious arrangement that we want it to but we would consistently alter the relationship anyway it fits us with out being extreme about it.

Whilst dressing up in a casual apparel is really enjoyable; besides you are an artsy character and you're employed in an artsy work house there are things that’s just gained’t work good certainly in industry authentic environments.

The proposal of incorporating ourselves and aspects into what we wear is however our sanity, a semblance of fact considering we lose ourselves in our jobs.

Even though this is such an enticing thought it is convenient for us to miss the concept behind it completely.